Amfelos is a business consulting firm specialized in Branding & Marketing, Coaching/Mentorship.
Our strategy, structure, and problem-solving solutions comes from the manifesto of the Business.
We provide strategic business advisory services to small and middle-market businesses, non-profits, start-ups, and ministries. We are located in Northern Virginia, but we serve clients throughout the country and abroad.

We offer a wide range of services to help businesses succeed including, strategic & operational planning, business development, market research, feasibility studies, brand development, market analysis, online marketing and financial & cost management services among others.

There are over a thousand Business Consultants out in the industry right now, so what makes Amfelos any different from any other Consultant company?
Our whole business strategy and approach is different, because we do not focus on providing customer satisfaction like most businesses operate, we focus on studying the identity of your business and assisting the trajectory of the identity to grow.

If the business emphasizes on providing customer satisfaction always, that would also mean the customer is always right. If that is the case, then the business identifies it’s identity in seeking validation from the customer.
Eventually this operation for any company will de-escalate, because the identity of the business is lost.
And if the identity of the business is lost, then that also will trickle into how you carry yourself, in your personality, in your personal behavior, in your mentality, in your marriage, in the company’s values, in the vision for the company, in the mission statement, in how you treat your employees, in how you treat your clients, etc. Everything starts with Identity.
If you don’t know your identity, everything else will crumble.

Amfelos is focused on the Manifesto of what the Vision or Business represents.
We believe every choice that is made must start from the beginning.

We are committed to growing our business through developing strong partnerships and on providing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our mission statement is to ensure that we provide the right resources at the right time to maximize our clients’ outcomes.